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Thanks Karen as always.. Good quality products and efficient processing time.
    I was initially happy with these tv boxes which I resell. Then multiple customers started reporting that the wifi connection was dropping and they were unhappy with their tv boxes. This caused me to have to take returns and lose money. I told Linda about this and said I would like to return my last order of tv boxes since they were unreliable and were costing me money. She said she would talk to her engineer and then never got back to me. Since Linda was ignoring the problem, I applied to return the boxes through Alibaba. Alibaba said since I couldn't send in a video of the wifi connection dropping, they would not allow me to return these defective tv boxes. I told them the wifi dropping was happening randomly and while I could record for an hour before the box turned off, it wasn't guaranteed that the wifi drop would happen. Overall a bad experience. I will not order from Alibaba again since they can't stand behind their promise of "easy returns" and "trade assurance".

      Resposta do fornecedor:

      I'm sorry that this happened, The WiFi problem may be a matching problem with your router. Currently, no customers have mentioned this problem, so we dont know how to solve it . Can you give me the model number of your router? and you bought 10 machines from us , it is unreasonable for us to refund you.all money right ? The t vbox can also work use cable lan .
      08 Apr 2024
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      Fabricação de airmouse e caixa de tv android. Bem-vindo inquérito com a karen.
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